Our Revolutionary Web-Based Factoring Solution

We Call it Extranet Factoring*

It is widely believed that all factoring companies are pretty much the same, and that they all operate in the same way. That belief used be true, but no longer. 21st Capital Corp has re-invented factoring, and it's the technological leader in the factoring industry. As a result, our clients enjoy the benefits of a 100% paperless, web-based factoring experience, where all parties are connected in real-time on the internet, resulting in the fastest invoice funding in the factoring industry.

*An Extranet is a secure website, with user ids and passwords, where all parties, which, in this case, include you, your customers and 21st Capital Corp, collaborate online to consummate business transactions.

"Old School" Factoring

The Other Factoring Companies

Invoice factoring is a form of accounts receivable financing for small business owners who are unable to obtain conventional commercial bank financing. 21st Capital Corp is the only modern invoice factoring company. It utilizes the latest in information technology. Other invoice factoring companies are "Old School," meaning their factoring operations are based upon the same ancient, paper-based factoring model which has remained unchanged since its inception centuries ago.

How "Old School" Factoring Companies operate:

The small business client sends paper invoices to the factoring company by snail-mail, overnight mail, fax, etc. The factoring company, which is swimming in its clients' paperwork, engages in the manual, time-consuming, tedious process of checking the collection performance of the client's previously factored invoices, checking the credit of the specific customers, and verifying the new invoices. The factoring company stamps or stickers the client's 'paper invoices with factoring notices and re-mails them, usually by snail-mail, to the clients' customers for payment. Within 30 days, the factoring company's collection department begins its incessant phone calls to the customers' accounts payable dept hammering them for payment.

The Difference

Our Flexible Factoring Agreement

  • There is no term & no expiration date.
  • Factor for as long as you want.
  • Terminate at any time by simply paying us off.
  • No early termination fee.
  • No application of setup fee.

Here's How Our Factoring System Works

Basic Concepts
  • We do not accept paper invoices for factoring
  • Rather, we store your invoice data in an industrial strength database, which is hosted by Amazon.com in their Elastic Cloud 2 (EC2) system, one of the most comprehensive cloud systems in the world. It is backed up every night to Amazon's S2 separate backup servers.
  • If you provide services:
    The services billed for must have been performed.
  • If you sell & ship goods: the goods must have been received & accepted.
  • Your customers must be reasonably credit-worthy.
How we obtain your invoice data
  • Clients who aren't 'Quickbooks Users
  • Either create your invoices on our extranet with your desktop, laptop PC, Mac or smartphone by using our exclusive online invoice creation form.
  • Quickbooks Users
  • Create your invoices offline in Quickbooks, then login to our website & click a link and our software which will open a communication channel to your Quickbooks company file and upload the Quickbooks invoice data to our server and database. You will view the data on a web page and select the invoices you want to factor by clicking links.

The Benefits of Our Unique Factoring System

  • Paperless Factoring = Faster Funding
  • Same Day Funding, in most cases
  • Automated invoice verification & collection
  • Automated text message alerts to your smartphone
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